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Dear Members and distinguish guests:

       The 4th Asian-Pacific Ferroalloys & Steel International Conference, is organized by ChinMetal Information Tech. Co., Ltd.(, supported by OMH, and sponsored by the OM (Sarawak) Sdn.Bhd.,which will be held on  26-29 September, 2017 at Miri, Sarawak, East Malaysia. Welcome ferroalloys insiders and steel customers to attend the conference.

Malaysia is reckoned as the Chinese "One Belt One Road" trade partner and the most important Country in producing ferroalloys in the Southeast Asia Region. Malaysia has unique Marine Resources, Renewal Energy, logistics advantages, and it attracted a large number of investors in recent years to invest in Malaysia particularly Sarawak. The theme of this Conference (event) is responded to "One Belt One Road" policy, "Realize the importance of Malaysia, and expand opportunities". This Conference is for the International Ferroalloy insiders to go Malaysia to find out investment opportunities or cooperation, to build a platform for the research of Ferroalloy resources, to take advantage of the Malaysian Ferroalloy Industry created opportunities.

     The Conference includes Keynote speech presentations, counterpart business negotiations, project matching, visit OM (Sarawak) Ferroalloy Plant with Technical Exchange and Projects Cooperation, visit SAMALAJU Industrial Park and Bulk cargo Port nearby.

Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia. It’s located in the north of Borneo, the northeast coast connects Malaysia to Sabah and Brunei, and the south is bounded by Indonesia. Sarawak is located on the equator. Coastline is very long and tourism development is very active. Miri is a beautiful city located lose to Brunei and to SAMALAJU  Industrial Park.

      OM Holdings Ltd. is listed in ASX as Mining Company in Australia, has Manganese Ore resources in Australia and South Africa, and invested in Ferroalloys Smelting Plants in Qinzhou, China and Malaysia.

      East Malaysian Sarawak Project of OM Holdings Ltd. is located in Samalaju Industrial Park, Bintulu city, Sarawak state, Malaysia, covers an area of 3286 acres, equipped with 16sets of 25.5MVA ARC furnaces with 8 sets producing Ferrosilicon ,whilst another 8 sets producing SiMn and FeMn, with total investment of 592 million US dollars. This visit to the OM (Sarawak) Ferroalloy Plant will not only provide good opportunity to experience a technologically advanced Ferroalloy Plant, but also to seek cooperate possibility with OM Holdings ltd and OM (Sarawak) Plant.

     In order to establish trade cooperation with OMH, and get more information about the priority to invest ferroalloys and steels in Sarawak ,Malaysia, We have invited Senior People from Sarawak State , Malaysian Chamber of Commerce, Southeast Asian Iron and Steel Industry Association, and Industry Experts to attend the conference, to exchange information and ideas on how to make business progress and investment in Malaysia to take advantages of “One Belt One Road" policy, and offer unique opportunity to learn how the OM Ferroalloy Factory  operated  successfully in Malaysia, and contribute to business development for the visitors with OM Holdings Ltd.

       We sincerely invite all delegates including Ferroalloys, Steel Mills, Coke, Carbon, Quartz,Mn Ore traders, Equipment suppliers and others from the word to attend the conference in September in Malaysia.